Fort Promotions is a new client acquisition company
providing exclusive and qualified local leads to businesses since 2006.

We have the experience to provide our partners with a continuous flow of new customers, clients and patients that are the life blood or any company or practice.

From Facebook custom audiences designed to drill down to the specific customer targets to full blown multiple-site takeover of entire search terms, we know how to do it for you.

Our process starts with an audit of where you are now to where you want to be. Each step in the process is planned, executed and measured to be sure we are on track to meet all your objectives.

If your site has been penalized by past actions of amateur SEO consultants, we may be able to fix that. If your site is beyond repair, we will tell you and let you know what your alternatives are.

Google has buried many reputable companies only because they were talked into working with promising SEO’s that would bring them business beyond belief. If your website is nowhere to be found, or beyond page two in the search engines, then you need to call us.

SEO is not dead, in fact it is still required to rank in the search engines. It’s all about how the SEO is done. We make sure our partners are protected by not trying to trick search engines, but giving them what they have told us they want.

Your initial consultation if free. We do not accept all clients. We need to have a match of expectations verses investment. We do NOT offer $299 guaranteed first page rankings. We offer proven, systematic SEO systems that the search engines love and keep your business or practice front and center before your targeted clients. The first step begins with you, call us today to discuss you vision.

Ask for Greg 216-339-0798