Leads are the lifeblood of any business or practice. We specialize in driving leads to small and medium size businesses in the service and professional industries. Traditional ways of reaching new customers with advertising messages has changed.

Newspaper and Yellow Page ads are extinct. With modern technology you now have the ability to have new customers and clients call you directly and only pay for the calls you receive. Our lead generation system is known as pay per call. This type of pay for performance ensures that your advertising dollars are only spent when there’s an actual opportunity to do business.

We monitor inbound calls and screen out telemarketer and repeat calls so you are not charged for them. We require a minimum time on the phone to be considered a good lead call. Our job is not only to increase inbound lead flow but also improve upon the quality of prospects delivered.

Unlike Home Advisor or Angie’s list, the leads that we provide are calling you exclusively. In other words the leads are not shared with 3, 4 or five of your competitors. We only work with one type of business in your area offering you an exclusive territory for leads.

There’s no contract or obligation. If you decide to stop taking the leads we are generating in your area we simply start forwarding them to someone else, no hard feelings. Talk to us today about a digital lead generation strategy for your business.


For exclusive, real time phone leads, call Greg at 216-339-0798. A powerful alternative to traditional advertising.